How To

Put Your Trail Camera Where You Want It

If you’re involved with monitoring or tracking wildlife, you already know that the location of your trail camera is the key to pinpointing wildlife activity. One of the more frustrating parts of monitoring is walking into an area and finding plenty of sign of activity but no trees where you can put your trail camera.

The Stic-N-Pic trail camera stand and tree mounts were specifically designed to help you avoid these types of situations, gives you the freedom to put your trail camera right where you want it, on or off the trail.

Most trail camera manufactures use a tripod mount either on the backside of the unit or on the bottom. You simply attach your camera to the Stic-n-Pic with a thumbscrew and you’re ready to go. If your trail camera doesn’t have a tripod mount, we offer customized brackets so you can easily attach the Stic-N-Pic to your camera.

See our Camera Guide for details about your trail camera.

Watch a two-minute instructional video on how to properly set up and use the Stic-N-Pic to its fullest potential:

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Tell Us Your Story

We love hearing about (and seeing!) your stories about using the Stic-N-Pic to track and monitor wildlife. Feel free to email us your trail camera photos ( and provide a few brief comments about how you like to use the Stic-N-Pic.

You can also find us on Facebook and share your photos with us there. We have a lot of enthusiastic fans on Facebook and we all enjoy seeing the fruits of our beloved labor.

Stic-N-Pic: It Goes Where You Go

One of the biggest benefits of the Stic-N-Pic is its versatility: It goes where you go, whether you’re scouting, hunting, or simply watching someone who does.

Give the Stic-N-Pic a try while filming your next hunt. Whether you’re set up in a tree stand or in a blind, set up the Stic-n-Pic across or next to your spot and, when you hear activity approaching, use your video recorder remote to hit record.

By setting up the Stic-N-Pic across from you, pointed at your favorite spot,  you’ll get the actual footage of you and your cameraman during the hunt. This increases your coverage, preserving the memory of your dramatic hunt.