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Stop settling for the inconveniently located tree and start putting your trail camera exactly where you want to — on or off the trail. Stic-N-Pic products give you more precise scouting results, with greater flexibility in trail camera placement than ever before.


Offering an adjustable camera height of 0 to 52 inches and a rotating main shaft that swivels 360 degrees, the Stic-N-Pic Original Ground Mount can hold up to three trail cameras at once (Stic-N-Pic Add-A-Cam Bracket required per camera). Made entirely of steel and featuring a sturdy 3-prong stand, this Stic-N-Pic mount stands securely on virtually any terrain.


NOTE: When mounting the trail camera, you will need a washer on both the under side between the bolt head and plate as well as between the plate and camera (2 washers, 1 bolt per camera). To add a Add-A-Cam Bracket, you will take out the main shaft, install from bottom, re-insert into the ground mount shaft housing, then customize to your liking and need. The same goes for solar panels.

Stic-N-Pic Original Ground Mount

SKU: 5070
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  • If you are ordering multiple units, please consider ordering in quantities of four (4) as it helps us with shipping this large item. For example, whether you order 1 or 4 units, it will ship in the same box. Also, whether ordering 5 or 8 units, it will ship in 2 of the same sized boxes (potentially taped together). If unable to order in quantities of 4, filling up the box as much as possible with product is more beneficial to you. Thank you for this consideration in advance.

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